Monday, March 17, 2008

Exotic Beaches description

xotic Beaches is a 3D animated screensaver with realistic beaches lapping against their shores with many full-length animations.

This screensaver features 4 scenes. In the first scene of the trial version, watch as there is an extremely realistic animation of the beach shoring up against the white sand which is gleaming in the serene sunshine of a bright sunny day. The water on the beach itself flows constantly in a very realistic way as well.

As the water shores up there is an animated starfish that becomes exposed then disappears from time to time as the shoring waves washes it away. This four and a half minute long scene features a background with passing 3D-realistic clouds and three eagles in the distant which will soar slowly in the sky. One eagle will fly by on its own at first. Beautiful and colourful boats swim by on the shores and a speedboat goes along rapidly with sound effects as it passes.

There are many animated seagulls which fly by. Sometimes seagulls will sing as the fly down and land on the sandy beach then walk around then fly off. At intervals some seagulls will walk in sing and then fly off into the bright sunny sky. The seagulls at play are really the main highlight of this scene alongside the shoring waves of the spectacular white sandy beach.

Watch as a large palm tree and a short palm sways from side to side in the light breeze of the ocean shores which is most breathtaking and serene. In this scene, 3D animated seagulls also fly by and land on a very large rock nearby. The seagull looks around and sits for a while then flies off gain as others come to take a rest and enjoy the calm of the ocean shores.

A seagull will dive into the water and swim in it for a while and out of the scene. The scenery looks almost like one in an AVI video clip. One of the greatest highlights of this scene must be the 3D animated dolphins that jump and make lovely sounds against the flowing background waters of the beach. A dolphin jumps in and out of the water at different times, which makes a perfect scene for a Caribbean cruise. This scene lasts almost 4 minutes.

The registered version features 2 additional powerful scenes. One of the scenes (scene 3) features fantastic blue and yellow 3D parrots which fly by in flocks from time to time amongst another background with an animated beach with realistic water movements and animated seagulls which sometimes land, stand still for a while on the white sand, then take off again.

Some seagulls just walk in and out of the scene and chirp, while other will dive into the beach and swim out or fly out of the water back into the sky. Those seagull animations are very beautiful and look natural and movie-like as they play around. There is a 3D animated starfish in this scene and there are animated black sea crabs, which walk around on the sandy shores, wait for a while and then go out again.

Palm trees also sway in this scene. There are many colourful boats that swim by as well as a golden speedboat. This makes the scene look very complete. There are full background and seagull sounds, as well as other sound effects with this scene. This scene is 4 minutes long.

The last of the two scenes (scene 4) in the registered version of Exotic Beaches, features another lovely sunset background with animated water and lights an animated sunset light which gleams in the serene sky. This scene also has 3D-realistic clouds which float by and sometimes becomes thick in the sky as they pass.

This scene also has animated 3D dolphins and seagulls which fly in land, sing, sit and then stand up and fly off again into the sunset. Sometimes a seagull will fly down then fly off just before it hits the water. A golden boat and white boat while sail in the radiant sunset. This scene is just over 4 minutes long.

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